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6 Best MongoDB Schema Design Tools with GUI

Summary:MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database. Here are the best MongoDB schema design tools and softwares with GUI. The best part is that most of them also support auto generate code.

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database which is the first choice for unstructured data. The word unstructured has many advantages and disadvantages in the production environment of applications which we will see in this article.

Like SQL it is also necessary for MongoDB to design a fixed schema for predictable database structure.

Why do we need to Design MongoDB Schema?

So MongoDB is NoSQL database and it's advantages include a schema-less feature, then why there is a need for designing a fixed schema?

Well, the schema-less feature becomes a problem for some applications in a real-world production environment.

We need a properly defined schema with all relations between the collections. It does not violate the properties of MongoDB because in production environment schema change is not advised.

A well-defined schema also helps to build a stable application where the data fetched from database is predictable (assume you are expecting name as a string but it is an object in the database).

Flexible schema is still useful and has its own use cases that separates MongoDB from SQL. Here is an example.

I was building an application and a subpart of that needs to store form details. The count and type of form elements were dynamic, so I came up with this solution.

form_name: string,
created_at: timestamp,
form_elements: object

The elements field will be dynamic because we insert variable numbers of key-value pairs inside it.

A good security practice will be to ensure proper validation before pushing the data to the database.

If  you are inserting data from multiple sources (say API's) ensure proper validation and never let flexible schema feature open for all.

Best Tools to Design MongoDB Schema


This is the tool which I personally use because of its simplicity and features. It lets you to visually design MongoDB schema easily with quick navigation UI.

Features of Hackolade for designing Mongodb Schema:

  • Simple schema visualization
  • Hierarchical view of nested fields in the collection
  • Auto-generate MongoDB script
  • Highly customizable properties
  • Ensure proper validation
  • Reverse engineer existing database
  • Auto suggest denormalisation


  • The software lags (tested on Ubuntu 20.04).
  • The large and complex schema will be hard to handle with the UI


  • Free community version available

Moon Modeler

The amazing UI of this software is what makes it unique. Apart from UI, it has all sets of features which can let you design MongoDB schema easily.

  • Amazing UI with dark mode support
  • Easily handle complex projects
  • Ensure proper validation
  • Auto-generate scripts
  • Reverse engineer database


  • Nothing


  • $99 for a single-user license
  • $49 for an educational license
  • Free trial available


This yet another paid software to design MongoDB schema. It can be a good choice for SQL designers.


  • Visualize schema design
  • Foreign key support
  • Visual query builder


  • GUI is a bit complex.


  • $63 academic license
  • $127 for personal license
  • $197 for commercial license
  • Free trial available

If you are primarily working with SQL designs and you need a software that will support MongoDB also then this software is fine. Else I will recommend going for Hackolade.

Aqua Data Studio for MongoDB

Aqua data studio is an overall development and management tool for the MongoDB database. It is not limited to designing the schema but also manages live databases.


  • Schema browser and visualization
  • Visual collection editing
  • Compare schema
  • Supports relationship
  • Inbuilt MongoDB shell


  • $499 for 1 user.
  • $1299 for 3 users.
  • $2099 for 5 users.


It is also a full-fledged designing and management tool for MongoDB as well as SQL.


  • Create ER diagrams
  • Export as MongoDB script
  • Ensure proper validation


  • Free community version available


It is a powerful data architect software which is capable of designing MongoDB schema.


  • Reverse/forward engineer database
  • Supports collaboration
  • Supports relationships


I will recommend going for Hackolade or Moon Modeler depending on your needs. They are the best software for MongoDB schema design with amazing UI.

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