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EasyWP Review Cheap & best Managed WordPress Hosting


Hosting is the most important part of any website. No matter how quality content you write, if your hosting is slow then nobody will stay on your website. It is also one of the most important SEO criteria for ranking higher on search engines. I chose EasyWP Managed WordPress hosting for holycoders and here is the EasyWP review which can help you to choose if it is good for you or not.

There are certain things to consider before choosing the best web hosting for your WordPress blog. I have collected all the points that a WordPress hosting must have and the review is based on that.

Choosing a good WordPress hosting is important because we can’t migrate frequently from one host to another.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

This is one of the most popular questions in WordPress ecosystem that What is managed WordPress hosting and how it is different from traditional hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting means that the host is optimized for WordPress sites.

There are several actions we take to optimize our site like caching, CDN, faster servers, security and others. Managed WordPress hosting does it all for us.

Managed WordPress hosting providers handles all these complicated things on themselves. The users are not allowed (until the hosting provider gives permission) to edit or modify some settings related to performance.

They have faster servers than normal hosting which are configured for performance.

Some of the managed hostings provide some extra features like automatic plugin updates.

The ultimate goal of Managed Hosting is to provide a fully managed platform so tat user only needs to focus on content and not on setting or configuration.

Here are the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting.


  • Fast
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Automatic Management of security and updates
  • Easy to setup


  • Some Restrictions on plugins and theme installs
  • Costly

Features of EasyWP – Brief Review

EasyWP is Namecheap’s managed WordPress hosting which offers the best features at a cheap price.

EasyWP is the best hosting option if you have a new WordPress website but not for a well-established site with more then 100k visitors because it has some downsides too.

I have explained all the features and pros and cons of EasyWP managed WordPress hosting.

After reading this EasyWP review you can decide whether you need to choose this WordPress hosting or not.

Plans and Pricing

EasyWP review pricing
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No other hosting provider can beat EasyWP in its plans and pricing. It offers the cheapest WordPress hosting with all features that a website need.

There are Three Plans on EasyWP managed WordPress hosting.

EasyWP Starter

Best for starter websites who are just starting and have less than 50k visitors per month.

The price for EasyWP Starter plan is $3.88 per month and $22.88 per year which is approx Rs. 276 per month and Rs. 1628 per year.

This is the cheapest and best option for new websites that are new or have less than 50k visitors. This plan provides 10 GB SSD storage which is sufficient for new websites.

You can get the first month hosting for only $1 or Rs. 72.

EasyWP Turbo

It is suitable for websites which have less than 200k visitors per month.

EasyWP turbo costs $7.88 per month and $44.88 per year which is approx Rs. 560 per month and Rs 3193 per year.

It offers 50 GB of SSD storage, Free CDN and 1.5x more CPU and Ram.

EasyWP Supersonic

It is suitable for large websites with less than 500k visitors per month.

EasyWP supersonic costs $11.88 per month and $49.88 per year which is approx Rs. 845 per month and Rs 3550 per year.

It offers 100 GB of SSD storage, Free CDN and 2x more CPU and Ram.


EasyWP dashboard
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A minimal UI is what we need in the modern web. EasyWP provides a minimal looking dashboard which is distraction-free and well organised.

It has a well-structured dashboard which provides easy management for your websites.

The dashboard contains a list of your active hosting plans. The website management section contains three tabs which are Overview, Backup and files and database.

You can manage your Plan subscriptions, SSL certificates and CDN from the overview section.

There is an option to directly open the admin panel of your website directly from EasyWP dashboard.

Free subdomain

free subdomain name for testing
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We need to test our website before making it live for viewers. EasyWP managed WordPress hosting has a solution for this, they provide free subdomain for your website to configure its settings and look before using your actual domain.

The free subdomain feature is for a lifetime, we can change the domain of your website whenever we want. There is no limitation on that.


According to polled data, more than 40% of users leave the site if the loading speed is greater than 3 seconds. That is why you need a fast web host so that your website can load less than 3 seconds, which is ideal loading time.

This is the biggest advantage of WordPress hosting that they are optimized for speed. EasyWP hosting is the best example of this. It is faster than many of its competitors.

EasyWP review of loading time
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It was a surprise for me when I checked my website speed on EasyWP managed WordPress hosting. The website load time was less than 1second.


free CDN
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CDN stands for content delivery network. It is a set of distributed servers which serve resources to the users who are close to them in demographic point of view. They serve static assets like images, videos and other files that are big in size.

Using CDN we can reduce website loading speed. The contents are loaded from different servers which decrease the load on the main server where the website.

It is must mention in EasyWP review that they provide Free CDN. Other managed WordPress hosting costs hundreds of dollars extra for providing CDN.

If your websites contain many images or videos then you must use a CDN to decrease loading time.

Files and Database access

EasyWP files and database access
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There are certain situations when we need to access the files and database of our website to perform specific actions.

EasyWP managed WordPress hosting provides SFTP to access files and database access through phpMyAdmin.

One thing that I liked the most is their security measures for files and database access. They provide an option to generate a temporary username and password for a certain time like an hour or a day.

We can use any FTP client like Filezilla to access website files. I use the default file manager of Ubuntu (Nautilus) for exploring the files using its FTP option.


free backup
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Nobody wants to lose several years of hard work. To prevent our website from accidental data loss we need to create data backup frequently.

Data backups are very important to save our work. If data loss occurs at any time then we can recover it using those backups.

EasyWP managed WordPress hosting provides an easy way to create backups of your websites for FREE.

You don’t need to install separate plugins for creating backups, EasyWP provides an option to create backups easily from your dashboard.

With EasyWP dashboard you can easily restore the backups you created, there is no technical knowledge required.


This is the most important thing to consider while choosing a web hosting for WordPress. We can protect our website from our side but if the host is vulnerable and poorly managed then it is a greater risk.

EasyWP takes care of the web security and you don’t need to worry for their side.

The files and database access username and password that we generate are valid for a limited time. This provides security from passwords getting saved.

The Free CDN that is provided with EasyWP provides free DDOS protection.

We can also connect Cloudflare for an extra layer of security.

EasyWP Review – Pros and Cons

Here is the list of pros and cons that I have experienced with my blog hosted on EasyWP hosting. You can consider these facts in deciding whether EasyWP is right for you or not.


Fast loading speed

Here is a screenshot of the Pingdom speed test which I took writing this EasyWP review.

Holycoders loading time on EasyWP managed wordpress hosting
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The website loads in less than 1second.

This is excellent for search engine ranking because speed is one of the most important SEO factors. EasyWP makes it true that managed WordPress hostings are built for speed.

Customer Support

EasyWP support options on namecheap
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It is an important thing to check while choosing for best web hosting. In certain situations, we need help with our website hosting configurations and errors.

If customer support is slow and limited then your website may face that problem for hours or days.

This is not going to be a case in EasyWP hosting. They provide fast support by live chat. There are other options also available to contact for support.

The support team will help you to solve any problem that you are facing with your hosting.

Money-back guarantee

They have 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t want to continue with EasyWP.

This may be useful if you want to try out the hosting. Your money will be safe if you are unsatisfied.

Free CDN

Easy WP provides Free CDN which other hosting providers will demand some extra bucks.

You will get free subscription of Supersonic CDN with 50GB of bandwidth per month. It also provides security and protects the website from a DDOS attack.

Free backup

You don’t need to pay anything for creating backups.

EasyWP provides an easy interface to create and restore the backup of your website anytime. This is very helpful to prevent data loss.

No visitors limit

EasyWP provides an estimate of how much visitors your plan can handle per month.

It is not the limit but an estimate that your website will perform its best with this amount of traffic.

I asked support about this and they told that EasyWP doesn’t limit the number of visitors that can view your website.

No hidden fees

EasyWP is a product of Namecheap and it is already known for its transparency in pricing and features.

They don’t play any tactics to force you to pay extra after you purchased their hosting. All the prices are mentioned clearly.



This is the biggest issue that I faced with EasyWP hosting. Downtime is not frequent but it is more than that of other hosting providers.

EasyWP is quite a new player in the market and despite its awesome features it still lacks 99.9% uptime.

This is the reason why websites more then 100k visitors should avoid EasyWP.

Restriction on some plugins

This may not be a serious problem because all managed WordPress hosting providers have some limitations on themes and plugin installations.

They restrict the plugins and themes that have an adverse effect on your website performance and security.

EasyWP has its own caching plugin so you cannot install caching plugins like w3 total cache.

plugin install limitation
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You can find the list of banned plugins here.

No phone support

EasyWP provides excellent live chat support but it still lacks Phone support.

Phone support is very helpful in some cases as you can solve any problem quickly using that. Live chat support is annoying in some situations when it takes more than expected time to solve any problem.

EasyWP Review – Conclusion

This was the complete EasyWP review, I have tried to cover all points that must be present in any managed WordPress hosting.

EasyWP is the best option if your website is new or have fewer visitors because of its pricing and features. It is not yet suitable for large websites with more than 100k visitors, you will need a dedicated server or another host for those sites.

EasyWP is a product of Namecheap which is a leading domain name provider and popular for its transparency in pricing and other features.

I have used both shared and EasyWP hosting by Namecheap for more than a year and faced no problem with that.

EasyWP provides features at price segment that no other hosting provider can offer.

If you are tight on budget and looking for all hosting features at a minimal price then you must go for EasyWP.

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