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10 Reasons to learn Python Programming: Infographics


Python was my first programming language. It has various features which makes it as the best programming language for beginners as well as advanced programmers. Here is the infographics which illustrates the 10 most popular reasons to learn python programming.

InfoGraphics: Reasons to learn Python

reasons to learn python programming infographics
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The most important reason to learn Python is its simplicity. You can focus on the logic of the program rather than the syntax.

It is best for new programmers to learn basics of programming.

Object Oriented

Python is an object-oriented language and it is best to write DRY (don’t repeat yourself) code.

It is best for beginners to have a solid foundation of object-oriented concepts through Python.

There are certain features of OOPs which is quite different in Python like encapsulation but this is how the language works.

Built in Libraries

Python has tons of built in libraries which are able to do most of the complex task. This is the main reason for which Python is popular for rapid development.

Apart from built in libraries you can find thousands of other useful modules on PIP package manager.

Rapid development

Python is suitable for rapid development because of inbuilt libraries and strong frameworks available.

This is the reason for which Python is popular for startups.

Large Community

Python has excellent community of developers which can help you to solve any problem that you face.

There is a very high chance that the problem that you are facing has alrteady a solution online.

Python is growing to be the most popular and loved language by the programming community.

Multi Platform

Python is suitable for all platforms. You can build a desktop software for all platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows.

Python is widely used in Web development also. Django is a popular web framework for python which is used in the rapid development of web applications.

Excellent Documentation

Documentaion is the initial source to learn for any language. A good documentaion makes it easy to learn and implement language.

Python has excellent documentation with each and every feature explained in details.

Other then the official documentation you can also find thousands of other websites with excellent quality of guides and tutorials on Python programming.

Used in Machine learning

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence is the future.

Python is mostly used in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence because of several useful inbuilt libraries.

Machine learning and AI are the highest paying jobs.

It is good to be future prepared with Python for machine learning.

Best for data analytics

Data is everywhere in the digital world.

Several companies hire data analytics to clean and present data in a visual format which is then very helpful in making critical decisions.

Data is an important pillar of every business, many sectors like E-commerce totally depend upon the data for business benefits.

It is not wrong to say that data is another currency of the digital world.

Python is very popular in data analytics. The reason for this is a wide range of libraries available to clean and display data in human-readable form.

This is an important reason to consider if you want to learn Python programming.

Open Source

Yes, Python is open source and you can also read the source code of Python.

You can freely use Python for free as well as commercial projects.


These were some of the best reasons to learn the Python programming language. There are several other features of Python which makes it different and better than others in various fields.

Share your thoughts in comment and the reasons why you love Python programming.

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