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Best React JS CSS UI Components Library

Summary:React JS is growing to be the most popular front-end framework. But we are still experimenting to find the best CSS framework for React JS. Here the best CSS UI and Component libraries for React JS.

React.js is the best frontend framework that I have used till now. Compared to other frontend frameworks it is easiest to learn.

There are many prebuilt component libraries in React.js that are used by millions of developers. Here are the best react UI components frameworks that are most popular right now.

As a good developer, we have to choose the right UI components framework that is stable and will be maintained in the long term.

Not only in case of React but any frontend framework, if we choose a UI component library that is no longer maintained then it will create security risks.

Why use specific React UI components library, not the CSS frameworks?

The traditional CSS frameworks use vanilla js or Jquery to manipulate the DOM. In React.js there is a different mechanism to interact with DOM.

If we mix Vanilla js with React.js then it may cause unexpected behaviour.

There are more reasons to use React.js UI components as compared to other CSS frameworks some of them are listed below.

  • Encapsulation of complexity
  • Structured Code
  • Modular
  • More Customizable with props

Best React UI Components Frameworks List

Material UI

Material UI React components Frameworks
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It is the most popular React UI component framework right now. Material UI has more than 54k stars on GitHub at the time of writing this post.

Material UI was released in May 2018. It is based on the popular Material design by google which was introduced in 2014 for android.

Material design is getting popular because of its minimal and attractive user interface.

Material UI has a wide range of components that can help you in rapid development.


  • Large Community
  • A large number of Components
  • Responsive
  • Good Documentation
  • Clean and Attractive


  • Can easily be identified that a website is using Material UI
  • Not popular for web designs

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap UI components library
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React bootstrap is the second-best UI components framework for React.js that has more than 17k stars on GitHub and 500,000+ npm downloads at the time of writing this article.

Bootstrap is the most powerful front end framework which was released in 2011. The original version of bootstrap uses Vanilla Javascript and Jquery. Because of this limitation, it is not a wise decision to use it with react applications.

You must prefer using React Bootstrap over Bootstrap because it has its own benefits.

It contains almost all useful UI components that are in the bootstrap framework.

React Bootstrap Components
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Components of React Bootstrap


  • Small size as compared to other UI frameworks
  • Large Community
  • Active development


  • Currently in beta-version
  • Bugs

Semantic UI for React

Semantic UI React
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Semantic UI React is another popular library of React UI components. It has more than 10k GitHub stars.

It offers beautiful UI components for React that are easy to use. Semantic UI has good documentation full of examples and previews which are beginners friendly.

Semantic UI for React have components of all types from buttons to Advertisement containers.

It’s modern and elegant look makes it stand apart from the crowd.

Semantic UI for React is based on its CSS framework which is very popular.


  • Modern and Elegant Look
  • Highly Customizable with Props
  • Active development
  • Fully Responsive
  • Variety of Components
  • Well Documented (with live code editor)


  • Under Development (Not even reached version 1)
  • Not very popular yet

Ant Design

Ant design for React
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It is a UI design language and React JS UI components library with more than 55k GitHub stars.

It is not only limited to React.js but also used with other front end frameworks like Vue and Angular.

Ant Design for React.js contains high-quality components for building a rich user interface.


  • Multipurpose framework for UI components and animations
  • Enterprise look and feel
  • Hign quality icons
  • Powerful form control


  • Size (more than 50MB on npm)


Grommet UI components
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It is another powerful React UI components framework that contains modular and responsive components. Grommet has more than 5k stars on GitHub.

It provides a wide range of modular and responsive UI components to use in React.js.

Traditional UI frameworks contain components like buttons, forms, accordion, toast and others. Grommet extends it with more useful UI components like visualisation, and utility components which you must check.

Grommet Map component
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Grommet Map component

I found this UI framework very useful while creating a dashboard with React.js.


  • More Useful Components compared to others
  • An ideal choice for visually focused website building
  • Beautiful and Modern Components
  • Easy documentation


  • Not very Popular


Blueprint.js React UI components library
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It is React-based UI toolkit for the web. Blueprint.js have more than 15k stars on GitHub and 100k+ weekly downloads on npm.

It contains some of the very useful components like hotkeys component which helps developers to identify specific keypress.


  • Beautiful UI components
  • Very Useful components to save a lot of time


  • Some components like DateTime, table are in a separate package
  • Not fully Responsive
  • Crappy Documentation


Reactstrap UI
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It is an alternative to react-bootstrap UI framework. Reactstrap have more than 8k stars on GitHub and 200k+ weekly downloads on npm.

It brings the power of bootstrap CSS framework to React.

Reactstrap have also premium themes which can give you quick start in the development of new projects.


  • Easy to use
  • Responsive


  • Documentation is like a cookbook (only code and its result)
  • Fewer UI components as compared to others

Elemental Ui

Elemental UI for React
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It is React.js UI toolkit for web and mobile platforms. Elemental UI has more than 4k stars on GitHub and 3k+ downloads on npm.

It was initially developed to use in keystone.js which is a popular Node.js CMS.

This framework is currently under development.


  • Responsive


  • Under development (unstable)
  • Small community
  • Fewer Components
  • Documentation

Don’t confuse with element-UI, it is for Vue.js framework.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI
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It is a beautiful UI library to develop HTML5 mobile and hybrid web apps. Onsen UI has a UI library for all popular front end frameworks.

It has more than 7k stars on GitHub and 14k+ weekly downloads on npm.

Onsen UI has large components specifically made for the Android and iOS platform. They can be helpful if you want to build a mobile web app with React.js.


  • A large number of components
  • Mobile-first approach


  • Size
  • Only Android and iOS styled-components
  • Not suitable for cross-platform development

ReactToolbox UI Components

React Toolbox

It is based on Google’s material design specification. React toolbox is another useful React.js UI component framework which consists of a good number of components.

ReactToolbox UI has more than 8k stars on GitHub and 17k+ weekly downloads on npm.

It has almost all useful components which may help you to create minimal UI application easily.


  • Small size
  • Responsive
  • Documentation


  • In beta-version
  • Small community


I have tried to add almost all popular React UI frameworks and library that have useful components.

You may choose the one which you may see fit according to size or their components.

If not sure then go for Semantic UI for React.js, I have used it on a few of my projects and there was no problem with that. You will need to modify it with some custom CSS to make it look good.

If you have used some better UI framework than feel free to add it in the comment. I will update the list if it seems fit.

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